NEW! TL6400 Series Sealed Tactile Switch

When space is limited and functionality is essential, let the TL6400 Series sealed tact switch make your application design a reality regardless of the weather. The TL6400 Series tactile switch is rated IP67 for dust and moisture protection. It can be submerged in up to a meter of water and still function for at least 30 minutes. It also operates and can be stored at temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C.

The TL6400 Series tact switches measure just 6.0mm x 3.5mm x 3.5mm with actuator height options of 4.3mm or 5.0mm and actuation force options of 160gf and 250gf. These switches are meant for surface mounting via PC board pins and come in tape and reel packaging for automated soldering. And with a 50,000-cycle life expectancy, these sealed tact switches can stand the heat, the cold, dust, water, and the ultimate test: time.